OEM Diagnostic Tools & Accessories

Genuine OEM Diagnostic tools, the same ones the dealer use.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vehicle diagnostic tools are specialized devices made for and approved by vehicle manufacturers for use in repairing their vehicles.

These are professional tools made to be used at dealerships by master technicians and provide the best-supported functions for their specific brand.

Maverick Diagnostics provides these professional diagnostic tools to workshops and garages in the UK and worldwide, to help give independent garages the same capabilities as the main dealers.

These tools are specifically designed for each vehicle manufacturer, ensuring support for all of their existing and future vehicles, advanced features and functions, and providing accurate and reliable diagnosis.

Unlike generic OBD-II scanners and clones, genuine OEM tools provide more advanced features on the vehicle’s systems, giving you access to more detailed information and enhanced diagnostic capabilities. 

OEM tools give you access to the manufacturer’s first-party diagnostic software, like Volkswagen’s ODIS, Ford’s FDRS, or BMW’s ISTA. This means you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date information, programming data and known faults for that brand.

We can provide both training and support for your OEM tools in a few ways:


  • Some packages bought with a laptop or tablet (Labeled as “bundle kits”) are given an initial training, where we talk you through using your brand’s software in a 1-on-1 session, where you can ask additional questions.
  • Our sister company, the Automotive Training Academy, provides in-depth training days in person and online academy courses for a wide range of subjects.


When purchasing a car diagnostic tool you need to consider vehicle support, functionality, value for money, usability, information services, guided functions, pass-thru access, training & support, and budget.

Professional mechanics choose OEM diagnostic tools for the highest accuracy, reliability and features for a specific brand.

If you need help deciding if OEM tools are for you, we’re happy to answer any questions you have through our contact form or by calling us at (+44) 1978 856 190 (Option 1)